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Welcome to MOBIX Lab

We are committed to provide diligent service and support in Oligo synthesis, DNA sequencing, fragment analysis with exceptional quality, accuracy and value. We believe in integrity and teamwork in everything we do. We will continue to progress with the purchase and sharing of state-of-the-art equipment and introduction of new services.

RNase H–Dependent PCR Primers and Enzyme 
Amplification technology developed by IDT that facilitates SNP genotyping applications, high levels of multiplexed amplification, and detection of rare alleles.

FREEWARE for viewing DNA sequence files *.ab1:

FinchTV: will work on Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, and Solaris; has reverse complement capability, links to BLAST website, can only view one file at a time. 

SeqScanner: will work on Windows only. Allows you to open multiple files at once.

A useful guide to Oligo Synthesis and DNA Sequencing.

Contact Information

Health Sciences Centre, Rm 3N4F
1200 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8N 3Z5

Phone 905-525-9140 Ext. 27048

Facility Manager: Galina Kataeva, PhD 
Technician: Liliana DeSousa, BSc
Technician: Leanne Blanchard, MSc

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